[PD] pd-msg toggle init

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 4 08:19:29 CET 2004

noskule hat gesagt: // noskule wrote:

> creating  objects by pd-msg, in general . .. is it possible to initalise all
> the params witch apears in the proberties-dialog . .? 
> . .i try to initalise a toggle-object . .means give arguments for size,
> send, receive and soon . . .but cant get it to work(exept position and
> connection), but  i need to initalise a send and receive -argument in a toggle . . .

Just copy, how the toggle looks, when you look at it in the .pd file
with a text editor. You cannot use $-variables then though. I just
call the $'s "dollar" and search-replace them later with "\$" using a
text editor.

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