[PD] second monitor for GEM

Tom Dunstan tdunstan at ihug.com.au
Thu Feb 5 03:44:03 CET 2004

hi crew

i was wondering if someone could send me a hint or link to help with my GEM 
second monitor issue.
i'm running an nvidia card(ti4200) configured with dual X screens (not 
twinview) and i want to be able to have my gem window open up in the second 
monitor (preferably always fullscreen). at this point i can't even work out how 
to get my mouse on the second screen. it was suggested to me that i try the 
following .... but it froze up and just said 'pd signal 2' a few times

DISPLAY=localhost:0.1; pd -guicmd "DISPLAY=localhost:0.0;
/usr/lib/pd/bin/pd-gui" -lib Gem -lib zexy

also, when running a fullscreen Gem window, is their a optimal resolution? 

I'm running CCRMA on Fedora core. 

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