[PD] zexy

matthew jones m.jones at signal.qinetiq.com
Thu Feb 5 10:55:06 CET 2004

when you run pd, you can send various parameters to it to tell it how to
behave.  these are called command line arguments or parameters.  type in
'pd -help' in the command prompt to see a list.
in order to tell pd to use the zexy library, use the '-lib' command, or put
all arguments in a batch file (a text file with the extension .bat) and run
that.  there are plenty of examples of peoples' command line argument
settings on their respective webpages.

firstly - I'm not sure it's a good idea to run pd from within 'program
files', I know there was an issue with spaces in the folder names a while
ago, not completely sure.  best be safe and move whole thing to c:\pd (!)
then run:

pd -path c:\pd\zexy -lib zexy

this should enable zexy objects to load.  if you want the help patches to
appear when you right click on them and press help, I managed this by
putting the help patches in doc\5.reference\zexy\   but I'm not too sure on
the rules of how it finds these.

good luck


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> zexy may have installed the library file (.dll on win) to a folder not
> under
> your path (search for zexy.dll and see if it is in a directory in your
> 'path' argument) OR you may not be using the '-lib zexy' argument.
> Does the little display of hearts (I think thats what it looks like)
> in the output when zexy has been loaded?
> matt

the zexy.dll is in C:\Program Files\pd\zexy
what do you mean by the fact that I should use the "-lib zexy" argument ?

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