[PD] ctlin ctlout??

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Feb 5 17:19:54 CET 2004

Adrian deCleir hat gesagt: // Adrian deCleir wrote:

> I dont suppose anyone knows of any tutorials on the web to explain these
> thoroughly, the pd documentation doesnt talk about it really, I just dont
> know how to assign my general purpose controllers to adding effects or
> changing volume or something, at the moment they just do nothing except
> change the number. ie ctlin 16 will make my first controller knob on my midi
> keyboard change the number attached to ctlin 16 but I want to able to assign
> that value to a chorus effect maybe, is this possible???
> cheers for any help, I know its fairly simple stuff but its just Im only
> startin out and Its seems confusing

It sure is confusing, but actually also really simple. ;)

It is simple because: Everything in Pd is just a number. (1) So you can
use the number you get from ctlin or any other object to do with it
whatever you want. 

It's confusing, because the problem is not, how to get at that number,
but how to built a chorus effect inside Pd. So ask yourself: What kind
of chorus effect do I want to control, and how do I get this chorus
effect into Pd?  If it has reached Pd finally, it will accept a number
almost as a natural consequence. 

So you should first find an example of effects in Pd. Take a look
at G08.reverb.pd in the audio examples. You'll see a feedback control
number for the reverb. You can connect this number to ctlin. ctlin
will go from 0-127, so you might want to scale the controller to only
have a range of 0-100 by dividing it by 127 and multiplying it with
100. Now you'll control the reverb effect by your faders. It *is*
simple, isn't it?

(1) or a "symbol", which is a word, or a list, which is several words
or numbers, or an audio signal, which is a lot of numbers, but that's
about all you'll ever need.

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