[PD] 0.37-1test6

Miller Puckette mpuckett at man104-1.ucsd.edu
Fri Feb 6 04:21:01 CET 2004

Hi Michael,

Do you have the Microsoft compiler?  I found something that was wrong
in PD's mmio code but I don't have any machines (like yours) that Pd
0.37-1test6 fails for...

If you can recompile, here's the new line 142:

    	    for (j = 0; j < naudioprepped; j++)

and the new line 148:

    	    for (j = 0; j < naudioprepped; j++)


On Sun, Feb 01, 2004 at 07:56:49PM +0100, Michael Iber wrote:
> Hello Miller,
> I just tried the actual version on my laptop (internal soundcard) and could 
> not find any adjustment for bocksize/audiobuf without having audio stuck 
> (winXP).
> (0.37-0 just works fine). At the moment I don't have access to any other 
> system with alsa or asio to try those out.
> Just for the records .....
> Regards,
> Michael 
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