[PD] (GEM?) crash with fullscreen

cees taal cees2 at student-kmt.hku.nl
Sun Feb 8 04:39:21 CET 2004

Hi list,

I've build a videoinstallation with PD and GEM. Everything is working perfectly on my computer. I installed it on another computer in a way that the pd patch will launch at windows startup. I rebooted and it worked ok. I noticed that the mouse pointer was still visible so I wanted to remove it, I guess I did something stupid then, I connected a ps2 mouse(which wasn't connected yet) without a reboot (which didn't work). The patch was still working so I just left the mousepointer on the screen.because I wanted to test the patch's stability for a couple of days. Then my next stupid mistake: I forgot to turn of the screensaver which popped up. At that moment the pc screensaver freezed and no keyboard input was working. From that moment the patch crashes every time when it starts with fullscreen mode.(at windows startup but also when windows is running for a while). The patch isn't crashing when I open the window with fullscreen 0 in stead of fullscreen 1. the pc: winxp home, onboard videocard, p4 2.6 GHz
    This probably have something to do with the mouse connection and the screensaver and nothing with GEM since I never had this problem before. Anybody who could help me with this? 

thanks for your reply,

Cees Taal
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