[PD] pdp_qt legal dimensions

Marco Scoffier marco4linux at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 8 04:40:50 CET 2004

Hello all,

I need to have control of a video file.  To step image by image through
a video on linux.  As far as I can tell pdp_qt is the only object which
can do this.

I am using the debain unstable packages of pd, pdp and pidip.

I have had a very hard time making a quicktime file which pdp_qt will
accept.  As quicktime is not a very well supported on Linux, it is hard
to find a way of making these.  ffmpeg seems to be broken, can't even
play it's own quicktimes.  Finally I borrowed a Mac, and produced a
mjpeg quicktime with quicktime, but this one does not play either: 

WARNING: request to create image packet with illegal dimensions 700 x

And pd is hung have to ctrl^c on the console to kill it.

I wonder what are the legal dimensions?



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