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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Feb 8 14:13:51 CET 2004

Georg Holzmann hat gesagt: // Georg Holzmann wrote:

> Hello!
> Sorry, I noticed that I've forgotten the subject!
> > Actually I never used the controller functions in fluid~ or
> > fluidsynth, so I don't really know, what they are supposed to do. The
> > fluid~ external just delivers the CC messages to the fluidsynth
> > library where they hopefully do something. Can you test, if the
> > fluidsynth command line application reacts somehow to your pedal? 
> Yes, if I play the soundfonts with the commandline application the pedal
> works fine.
> Maybe my fluid~ is too old ? (I think 0.1, but I didn't find the version
> really)

It should show the "control" message in the help text you get when
sending it a "help" message. The lastest version always is in the
pure-data.sf.net CVS, but source only...

Could you describe, what the pedal controller does in fluidsynth?
Or/and what controller number does it send? If it controls, for
example, the reverb or chorus effect, then this won't work in fluid~
because those effects aren't activated in the external. It should be
easy to implement this, but I thought, that in Pd you could just as
well connect a reverb plugin or abstraction to fluid~'s outlets to
achieve the same.

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