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Here's another question along the same lines:

I am trying to create filenames automatically. I know I am able to do
this with makefilename. However, it does not support spaces and I must
be able to use spaces in the filenames. Is there another way to do this,
such as concatenating strings, etc. Or, is there an easy way to
eliminate spaces in filenames in Windows XP? (I have 7000+ files so it's
not possible to do this manually)



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does anyone know why [list2symbol] puts a space
between elements in the list?  I am trying to put two
symbols together without a space.  actually it would
be good if I could - between them.  Maybe I need a
different object?

for example.

I want to make     [A-N2(      [stp17(
                      \           /
                       \         /
                        \       /
                         \     /
                        [ ?????? ]



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