[PD] outlet~ / s~/r~ delay

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Feb 9 10:41:04 CET 2004

marius schebella hat gesagt: // marius schebella wrote:

> but with send~ and receive~ it is important that you create the send~ before
> the receive, otherwise it is delayed by one dsp-block.

I know this still is in the html docs: 

  " When you send a signal to a point that is earlier in the sorted
  list of tilde objects, the signal doesn't get there until the next
  cycle of DSP computation, one block later; so your signal will be
  delayed by one block (1.45 msec by default.) Delread~ and delwrite~
  have this same restriction, but here the 1.45 msec figure gives the
  minimum attainable delay. For nonrecursive algorithms, a simple
  flanger for example, you might wish to ensure that your delread~ is
  sorted after your delwrite~. The only way to ensure this is to
  create the delread~ after you created the delwrite~; if things get
  out of whack, just delete and re-create the delread~."

But 3.audio.examples/G05.execution.order.pd has a much cleaner
approach using subpatches to ensure the sorted execution of delays.

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