[PD] http://www.3xl.net/noticies/not123450030.htm

guenter geiger geiger at xdv.org
Mon Feb 9 12:50:56 CET 2004

On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, RBF-soft.[producing] rodri_DJ & ivan_VJ wrote:
>                   Some personalistic use of de comunity Pd    ::
> Not references to the creaters of pd, miller puckette, etc.. ircam and
> more... looks like that this people is who create pd,... oh! please! this
> its not true,...
> PD POWER, lie persons go out! == riereta, ...
>                 http://www.3xl.net/noticies/not123450030.htm
>      ( i_VJ  && r_DJ) == [RBF-soft]

Although the article confuses some of the concepts I think it is not
appropriate to call people involved in the PD scene in Barcelona liars.
They put the references to pure-data.org, which is probably the best
place to have an overview.


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