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Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Tue Feb 10 02:51:10 CET 2004


thanx for your support, iohannes and guenter.

i know there are some confusions in this article,
but the girl who wrote this actually spoke about people
she actually met, here, in barcelona,
so she doesn't mention miller or the great people from IEM.

what else?
i don't know why you have a problem
with other people doing things with pd here
( oh yeh, you called yourself 'bcn pd community'
but actually, nobody actually ever met you here )

2 other things:

a/ we will make a radio program
of music made with pd
( 'made with macromierda' is da joke ),
do you have anything to submit?

b/ if riereta was about to quit the pd community,
i would be off too....
and they are surely doing a great job
for the promotion of pd.


guenter geiger wrote:

>On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, RBF-soft.[producing] rodri_DJ & ivan_VJ wrote:
>>                  Some personalistic use of de comunity Pd    ::
>>Not references to the creaters of pd, miller puckette, etc.. ircam and
>>more... looks like that this people is who create pd,... oh! please! this
>>its not true,...
>>PD POWER, lie persons go out! == riereta, ...
>>                http://www.3xl.net/noticies/not123450030.htm
>>     ( i_VJ  && r_DJ) == [RBF-soft]
>Although the article confuses some of the concepts I think it is not
>appropriate to call people involved in the PD scene in Barcelona liars.
>They put the references to pure-data.org, which is probably the best
>place to have an overview.
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>PD-list at iem.at

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