[PD] second monitor for GEM

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Tue Feb 10 14:02:53 CET 2004

tdunstan at ihug.com.au wrote:
> watchdog: signaling pd...
> error: GEM: could not open X display localhost:0.1
> Creating on display localhost:0.1
> watchdog: signaling pd...
> watchdog: signaling pd...
> watchdog: signaling pd...
> error: GEM: Could not open display localhost:0.1
> error: GEM: Unable to create window
> error: GEM: gemwin: no window made
> could there be a problem with my XFree86config file. should i use the nvidia
> twinview option instead of multiheadlayout? i attached my xfree config file just
> in case

unfortunately i am not a big X-guru and i have never tried to use 2 
screens without xinerama on dual-headed cards.
if you are not too biased against twinview i would suggest using it.

anyhow: if you are using the multiheadlayout, you will have to allow 
remote connection to it.
probably the easiest way to test is, with some tiny X-application ( i 
always use "xclock" for this)
so, what would suggest to do is:
1) start up your multihead-X
2) get access to the second screen; launch a terminal there; execute 
"xhost +" or similar (probably you want to be more restricted);
3) go back to the first screen;
3a) do some testing: "export DISPLAY=localhost:0.1; xclock";
4) launch pd/Gem; make sure that the display variable is set correctly 
(esp. if you have been testing)
5) [create localhost:0.1(

so far, i have only been able to create remote Gem-windows on systems , 
where both machines were equipped with nvidia-cards. (shouldn't be a 
problem for you)
on other configurations it crashes; i guess this has something to do 
with offscreen-rendering

i just had a look at sources and found one cause for the crashes.
i have fixed this for now (checked it in already).
the new version disables the fullscreen mode on a remote display (the 
possibility was one cause for the crash)
sometimes the window cannot be created the first time you try (i guess 
this is due to the asynchronous nature of Xfree86). just retry.

TODO: probably the [gemwin] should give some status, whether there 
actually is a window or not


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