[PD] .pdrc??

Martin Peach martinrp at vax2.concordia.ca
Tue Feb 10 17:27:35 CET 2004

tdunstan at ihug.com.au wrote:
 > just been reading a few docs on pd and a couple of times it has been 
 > to "put it in your .pdrc file". i'm kinda, sort of, new to linux but 
i assume
 > its some sort of launching device. could someone please explain to me 
how i use
 > it and perhaps an example.
 > thanks
 > tom

Under linux files with names starting with '.' are 'invisible', in that 
they don't show up when you do 'ls'. If you do 'ls -a' then you will see 
them. Usually these files are used to store user preferences for various 
programs. The file '.bashrc' contains things that control how your shell 
behaves when you open a terminal window. '.pdrc' can contain things like 
   the path that pd searches for libraries.
 From a search for 'pdrc' in files in my pd-0.37-0/src/,
in the function
int sys_rcfile(void)
in the file
it loads the file pdrc into a buffer and then calls the function
int sys_argparse(int argc, char **argv)
in the file
which is the same function that parses a command line.
So basically it just reads '.pdrc' as though it was a command line, but 
you can probably put the parameters on separate lines for legibility and 
ease of editing.
You can type pd --help for a list of available parameters.


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