[PD] Reminder: Call for (Your Linux) Music still open until Feb. 29th

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 11 10:22:03 CET 2004


this is a short reminder, that the team organizing the 2nd LAD
Conference is still accepting and looking for music created using

  From April 29th to May 2nd, 2004, the Institute for Music and
  Acoustics of ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany, will host the 2nd conference of
  the Linux Audio Developers (LAD). As a new feature there will be
  presentations of music in addition to technical talks. For this, we
  are looking for music that has been produced completely or mostly
  under Linux.

  We are looking for:

	* Interesting demos of sound synthesis, sound processing, etc.
	* "Classical" computer music compositions, to be played in a
	  concert setting Pieces from areas such as Electronica,
	* Chill-Out, Ambient etc.
  Deadline for submissions is February 29th, 2004. The jury will award
  3 grants to participants to contribute to their travel expenses.
  More details here: 

If you have further questions, Matthias Nagorni <mana ET suse.de> or 
Goetz Dipper <goetz ET zkm.de> will surely be able to answer them.

See ya in Karlsruhe.

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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