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RBF-soft.[producing] rodri_DJ & ivan_VJ rbf_soft at hotmail.com
Mon Feb 9 23:27:54 CET 2004

Hi! we're RBF-soft. [producing] maybe you haven't hear about as because 
we're from Barberà, and we haven't had the pleasure, and the community its 
so big, that its logic that you don't know who we're.

Then, we're a designers, artists, dj's, vj's, animators and developers 
programmers,... we have made an instalations with pd,in bcn and mallorca,and 
we have made music with pd too, and streaming with pd, workshops of pd and 
reason (in Sabadell), aplication online with pd, ... (its now developing) do 
you need more information about as and more people that you dont know.

riereta is not  only the pd community, because we're doing more for pd, and 
other people that we know and not know. If you have more visibility than 
these person this not mean that you 're the one, and only the pd community 
existing in bcn, you know?¿.

PD is for community not for few people living in raval (bcn), there're more 
people, well?¿.

This -  website is not developed by Yves Degoyon 
Pure-Data, :: Pall Thayer :: is the author of this project, you can't say 
this, this is false.

And Riereta is not the only one in bcn, that made things with pd, do you 
understand?¿ maybe if we would have more vissibility (like riereta), you 
(Yves) will can know who 're RBF-soft.

Pd: see u and saludations for the authentik people of pd community around 
the world!!!! around the things real!!!!                                     
                                               RBF-soft. [information]

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