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Pall Thayer palli at pallit.lhi.is
Tue Feb 10 02:01:33 CET 2004

Yes, the fact that they contribute my work ISJS ( to
Yves Degoyon is a misunderstanding on their part. I have read the transcript
of the interview where Yves mentioned the project and thank you Yves for
telling them about it. I haven't bothered to say anything because I trust
that anyone truly interested in the project would have the sense to view the
information on the site and therefore realize that it belongs to me.

Pall Thayer
Fjolbrautaskolinn vid Armula

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> > .
> >
> > riereta is not  only the pd community, because we're doing more for
> > pd, and other people that we know and not know. If you have more
> > visibility than these person this not mean that you 're the one, and
> > only the pd community existing in bcn, you know?¿.
> i don't understand, that's precisely what i was fighting against,
> nobody ever pretended we were the only ones,
> i was even proposing you to meet and exchange some experience
> well, finally, we'd better not.
> >
> >
> > This -  website is not developed by Yves
> > Degoyon with
> > Pure-Data, :: Pall Thayer :: is the author of this project, you can't
> > say this, this is false.
> that's precisely an error from the girl who wrote the article
> that i'm trying to get fixed,
> i never pretended this, just pointed her to the site,
> and she made the confusion.
> this discussion is so silly
> that that's my last message to you.
> but i like your state of confusion.
> ciao,
> sevy
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