rat at telecoma.net rat at telecoma.net
Wed Feb 11 17:48:11 CET 2004

> 2) Has anybody seen a way to get information from a GPS device into PD?
i use gpsd for the gps and as there is no 
tcpip object in pd where one can send and
listen from to the same port i get the data into pd with the following
shellscript (which i call with giges shell object):
echo "x;" | nc localhost 2947 > ./data.txt &
cat ./data.txt | nc localhost 3002 &
sleep 0.1
killall -9 nc
the x is an  option i build into gpsd to 
just send "lat long alt speed".
i then use a netreceive 3002 in the patch to listen to for the data.



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