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Wed Feb 11 17:54:07 CET 2004

hi derek,

> 1) What is the minimum spec for running PD under Linux on a palmtop?

a cheap old ipaq 36xx does (and has the same processor as the zaurus). 
you get them used on ebay and even if you get the battery exchanged 
(wolfsoft.de), they are cheaper than new ipaqs.

realtime synthesis crackels, yet playing and recording sound files is 
working fine - i just wonder if you need pd for such a trivial taks as 
described below - a perl script might be enough.

> 2) Has anybody seen a way to get information from a GPS device into PD?

most gps devices output nmea data. that is simply 9600 baud 8N1 ascii 
data. you can connect the gps device to the ipaq using crossed over 
cables. once the hardware is connected you can tail /dev/ttySA0 and see 
what comes in (after some stty magic).

erich berger had success in getting the data into pd - but i don't 
remember how anymore. it was some nice little hack.

information about linux on ipaq is to be found at 


> My idea is to have a PDA running Linux + PD which can take acoustic 
> samples at regular space/time intervals and tag them with GPS 
> coordinates. Even the most general suggestions are welcome, but if 
> somebody else has already figured this out, I'd really like to talk to 
> you soon.
> Best,
> Derek
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