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YES! This is exactly the focus on some workshops I've been involved with. We haven't 
actually sent gps data to a pd patch but we have a system that is fully capable of doing 
this. The Waage in Amsterdam has made a device that consists of a handheld with GPS 
and GPRS for sending live GPS data to a server that can be pulled out via a Perl script and 
sent wherever. A group I'm involved with here in Iceland is hosting an international 
workshop this summer where we're going to be playing around with this stuff. When the 
time comes, maybe you should apply.

see http://locative.x-i.net/

Pall Thayer

> Hi all,
> I have a few questions about PDA PD:
> 1) What is the minimum spec for running PD under Linux on a palmtop?
> 2) Has anybody seen a way to get information from a GPS device into PD?
> My idea is to have a PDA running Linux + PD which can take acoustic 
> samples at regular space/time intervals and tag them with GPS 
> coordinates. Even the most general suggestions are welcome, but if 
> somebody else has already figured this out, I'd really like to talk to 
> you soon.
> Best,
> Derek
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