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Wed Feb 11 18:44:55 CET 2004

The scratch is probably some kind of digital glitch. Most likely this is because either the array is the wrong size for your sound file or the soundfile is cut in the middle of a waveform. If it's the former, try sending the array a resize message to get it to be the right size. If it's in the sound file, take it into an editor and either fade out the end pop or redraw the samples to something less abrupt.

Hope that's some help.

> Subject: [PD] how to do a sampler without scratch
> Hy.
> I know it´s a stupid question. I want to do an audio sampler, and i
> used the
> scratch tutorial example. I know how to put the sample playing in
> loop..easy. ...the problem is when the sample ends and start again,
> the
> audio "connection" between this gap have the scratching effect. How can
> i
> stop this scratch FX, and get a constant loop?
> thank you
> fft

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