[PD] Text Functions

Bradon Webb amodiuslonodium at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 12 15:28:32 CET 2004


This may be slightly OT.  I was wondering about text
cababilites PD has.  I was wondering if PD could
recognize words somehow, so that say I gave it three
letters A, B, and T, it would result to me BAT, or
TAB, but not BTA, ATB or ABT. As the latter are not
words in the english language.  Also maybe It could do
something like a spell check where letters that are
close to forming words, would be corrected and output.
 I am looking to have some kind of perfomance with the
text.  I like the structure and organizational design
in PD so that is why I thought PD.  Eventually I may
want sound to react to specific words.  I am not an
experienced programer, and PD is all I really know at
the moment.  I think there is nothing in PD that will
do this text function, but is there anyway for me to
use it in conjuction with a spellcheck aplication or
dictionary application.  maybe I could write to a text
file and have a spellcheck check the document and 
save document and read back into PD.  The whole
structure should be somewhat autonomous, meaning I
don't want to have to manually pull up the files check
them and save them.  I am on either Win XP or Linux.

thanks for any help,

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