[PD] Text Functions

mdk mdk at relivethefuture.com
Thu Feb 12 15:39:45 CET 2004

im no PD expert, but maybe one avenue worth investigating is finding the 
appropriate software (hopefully something open-source) that does the 
word recognition and spell checking then getting that to send control 
data to PD via netsend / netreceive.

Perl seems to be the obvious candidate for its text munging 
capabilities, and theres some simple code on the pure-data.org site for 
a perl client that can talk to PD.


just an idea.



Bradon Webb wrote:
> Hello,
> This may be slightly OT.  I was wondering about text
> cababilites PD has.  I was wondering if PD could
> recognize words somehow, so that say I gave it three
> letters A, B, and T, it would result to me BAT, or
> TAB, but not BTA, ATB or ABT. As the latter are not
> words in the english language.  Also maybe It could do
> something like a spell check where letters that are
> close to forming words, would be corrected and output.
>  I am looking to have some kind of perfomance with the
> text.  I like the structure and organizational design
> in PD so that is why I thought PD.  Eventually I may
> want sound to react to specific words.  I am not an
> experienced programer, and PD is all I really know at
> the moment.  I think there is nothing in PD that will
> do this text function, but is there anyway for me to
> use it in conjuction with a spellcheck aplication or
> dictionary application.  maybe I could write to a text
> file and have a spellcheck check the document and 
> save document and read back into PD.  The whole
> structure should be somewhat autonomous, meaning I
> don't want to have to manually pull up the files check
> them and save them.  I am on either Win XP or Linux.
> thanks for any help,
> bradon  

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