[PD] webcam on OSX

cgc cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Fri Feb 13 18:35:32 CET 2004

Which version of GEM are you using?  All of the ones built in the last 
6 months or so would have pix_video aliased to pix_videoDarwin.  Does 
pix_video (or videoDarwin) print any errors to the console?  I know 
that it will print a set of messages when the object is first loaded, 
these happen if certain processes are successful or fail.

Can you use the webcam in any other apps on OSX?


On Feb 13, 2004, at 10:12 AM, Sam Roig wrote:

> Thanks. Knowing that it's possible I gave it another try with 
> pix_video, but had no better luck. I am also using the webcam driver 
> from http://webcam-osx.sourceforge.net/. Does anyone else on the list 
> know which object gives access to the webcam? Do I need to provide in 
> some way (a message to the object) the driver to be used?
> ::: sam :::
> On Thu, Feb 12, 2004 at 12:13:20PM -0800, Hans-Christoph Steiner wrote:
>> I don't remeber the exact object either and my mac is in the shop, so 
>> I
>> dont' have an example patch.  IIRC, the object was a special version 
>> of
>> pix_video for  MacOS X.  I am also almost only an audio person.
>> .hc
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