[PD] webcam on OSX

cgc cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Fri Feb 13 22:25:01 CET 2004

On Feb 13, 2004, at 1:01 PM, Sam Roig wrote:

> When using the example patch 00.SimpleVideo.pd, it also gives the 
> following errors:
> ierror: pix_videoDarwin: no method for 'device'
> error: pix_videoDarwin: no method for 'enumerate'

These messages have no function on OSX, and that sample patch works 
fine for me.

> pix_videoDarwin: constructor
> pix_videoDarwin: height 320 width 240
> pix_videoDarwin: number of SGcomponents: 1
> pix_videoDarwin: opened default component
> pix_videoDarwin: initialized SG
> dataref ok
> pix_videoDarwin: made new SG channnel
> pix_videoDarwin: set SG ChannelBounds
> pix_videoDarwin: set SG ChannelUsage
> pix_videoDarwin: set SG HighQuality

These all show that the Sequence Grabber was properly initialized.

> pix_videoDarwin: SGIdle failed
> GEM: pix_videoDarwin: no video yet
> pix_videoDarwin: SGIdle failed

This is a highly unusual error to see because it means that the device 
and it's driver have the correct setup but the component itself is 
probably faulty.  One thing to try is sending a 'colorspace rgba' 
message followed by a 'reset' to the object and see if that works.  
It's possible that the camera driver only supports rgb output, and not 
the default YUV.


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