[PD] webcam on OSX

Sam Roig tzahm at punkass.com
Fri Feb 13 23:55:36 CET 2004

 This is a highly unusual error to see because it means that the device 
> and it's driver have the correct setup but the component itself is 
> probably faulty.  One thing to try is sending a 'colorspace rgba' 
> message followed by a 'reset' to the object and see if that works.  
> It's possible that the camera driver only supports rgb output, and not 
> the default YUV.

That was it! Now it works. Thanks very much for your help.

Why doesn't pd have a video settings menu, just as with midi and audio? Wouldn't it then be easier to debug this sort of problems?

Thanks again,
::: sam :::

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