[PD] Re: [linux-audio-user] Getting linuxevent to work with a Contour ShuttleXpress

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Feb 14 11:27:53 CET 2004

Frank Barknecht hat gesagt: // Frank Barknecht wrote:

> I have a new toy (I couldn't resist, it's so cute): a Contour
> ShuttleXpress USB Jog/Shuttle control surface, info at
> http://contourdesign.com
> Now of course I'm trying to make use of it in Pd on Linux. 

Okay, forget it, user error, Frank buggy. It works and always did,
I just didn't see it until I now opened my eyes at last. 

At least it works on my Intel-based laptop (where I intend to use it
anyways), but it is not recognized at my Via-based PC, so take care
before buying.

 Frank Barknecht                               _ ______footils.org__

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