[PD] pd won't open complex patches

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sun Feb 15 11:38:42 CET 2004

Orm Finnendahl hat gesagt: // Orm Finnendahl wrote:

> after successful compilation of pd-0.37 (thanks Frank!), pd won't open
> my patches anymore. I get the regular "watchdog: signaling pd"
> printout in the console and the opened patch windows stay white
> without displaying their contents.
> Opening the patch with the -noaudio option works. I tried for more
> than an hour to track down the problem by partially deleting
> subpatchers but it seems to be a matter of number rather than a
> specific subpatcher which doesn't work. My guess is that a lot of
> audio connections and visible arrays make pd hang. The patch still
> works fine with pd-0.36 (with about 50% of cpu load).
> Any ideas how I can get it to work?

Some guesses: try the various sound systems: -alsa, -oss, -jack, also
try without loadbang -noloadbang and without realtime scheduling.

I suppose you're normally using Jack, because I remember, that you
have the HDSP.  With Jack, I've found, that some tweaks of the Jack
code are needed: In s_audio_jack.c there is a call to report an error
inside the jack_process function:

	} else { /* PD could not keep up ! */
		 if (jack_started) sys_log_error(ERR_RESYNC);
Remove this as in:
	} else { /* PD could not keep up ! */
	     // don't call log_error in jack process:
		 // if (jack_started) sys_log_error(ERR_RESYNC);

Another change that might help is in s_inter.c. Edit this: 

    p2 = sched_get_priority_max(SCHED_FIFO);
    p3 = (higher ? p2 - 1 : p2 - 3);

to be that:

    p2 = sched_get_priority_max(SCHED_FIFO);
    // p3 = (higher ? p2 - 1 : p2 - 3);
	p3 = (higher ? p1 + 3 : p1 + 1); 

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