[PD] Mono synth behaviour

matthew jones m.jones at signal.qinetiq.com
Mon Feb 16 13:47:46 CET 2004

strangely enough, I've just written a patch that does JUST that.  It is a
copy of a roland SH-101, it's only got about a third of all the features,
but it DOES have the monosynth behaviour implemented.

I don't know how most mono synths play, but I copied the behaviour from the
SH-101, that means if you take your finger off the lowest note held, then
the NEXT lowest one held is the sound then heard.  thus lower notes always
take priority.  you get the quick portamento effect by holding a high note
and alternately pressing and releasing a low key (releasing the high note
either does nothing or cuts all sound if no other notes held).  does this
make sense?  anyway, this is the behaviour I copied; it has a list of the 6
lowest notes currently held down.

I can bring in this patch tomorrow if required, I don't have it here at


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Subject: [PD] Mono synth behaviour

> I am fairly new to PD and I'm creating a monophonic
> synthesizer to be controlled by MIDI keyboard.
> MIDI in is not a problem and I've set 'note on'
> messages to trigger an ADSR which envelopes the output
> from my bank of oscillators.
> The real problem is that it doesn't behave as a mono
> synth should because it has no memory of which notes
> are being held. E.g. If I play a C and hold it down
> then play a D and release it, the synth should go back
> to playing the C. But in my setup, the audio just
> stops because there is no trigger to the ADSR.
> How have people got round this problem before and does
> anyone have a simple patch that can demonstrate
> 'correct' mono synth behaviour?
> Any help appreciated,
> Al
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