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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Feb 16 14:43:57 CET 2004

Hi again,

oh, I would love to see a list of all the objects too. The main problem 
is that with a community-developed software like PD, there is no "master 
list" anywhere with all the objects you have installed. It would be like 
in Reaktor, if there was a master list of all the instruments you have 
ever made or downloaded. There is [simply no way/no simple way] to keep 
track except by hand. You could make an entry manually in that txt file 
for every object you include in your own setup, I suppose.

Another possibility would be to browse the documentation folder and look 
at the list of help files when you are trying to remember a certain 
object. I do this frequently.

I suppose one of our lovely developers could make a script which updates 
a single text file everytime you install an object... that would be 
three different scripts, on for each platform, minus IRIX of course... 
Then there would have to be a new standardized way of installing objects 
for each platform, etc etc. it gets to be a very big job!!!!

For PD 0.36, there was a version with a dropdown menu, which I thought 
was quite handy when I was starting out. Sadly, this option has not been 
updated for 0.37. It only listed the "official" objects anyway... just 
the contents of that same txt file we started this discussion with.


FFT wrote:
> Thank you.
> GEM and Zexys is the example that i know.
> I did this question to know if there is more than GEM and Zexys objects.
> In softwares like reaktor, you have a list of many objects. This feature can
> improve you imagination for construct a good machine , ou patch.
> thank you again
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>>FFT wrote:
>>Is there any list of all the objects for PD?
>>>I know that PD have a readme.txt with a list of some objects, but it
> doesn t
>>>have for example, Zexy´s and GEM objects.
>>Zexy and GEM come with their own txt's listing all their objects. A
>>clever soul might copy-paste this list into the master readme.txt.
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