[PD] PD still will not work in linux

Patrick Shirkey pshirkey at boosthardware.com
Mon Feb 16 17:07:41 CET 2004

Melissa Corso wrote:
> I started jack with the command jackstart -R -d alsa -d hw -r 44100 which started jack without a problem. It also allowed PD to start without the I/O stuck message. I then used the command qjackctl
>  and got the following message: Warning: no locale found: /usr/share/locale/qjackctl_en_US.UTF-8.qm which I'm not sure if I need to set anything in the jack audio kit window. 
> It was suggested I use the oss drivers instead of alsa but the system shuts down and says no such driver exists. I don't know how to install that. 
> With a simple adc-dac connection, I still cannot get any input or output numbers in the PD window. The DIO lights up red.I have set the number of channels and also use preset 1 in the HDSP mixer.  
> If anyone knows what might possibly might be going wrong please let me know. 

Have you set the mixer levels with alsamixer?

Have you done a simple test with arecord/aplay?

There is a quicktoot available at the LAU guide (see below).


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