[PD] error loading Gem (revision)

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Mon Feb 16 19:16:12 CET 2004


Ciccolella Lazzaro Nicolò wrote:
> (newbie)
> Apologize me
> in the previous message I have mistaken pasted the error message.
> Here it is written integrally.
> I have compiled, without errors, GEM from cvs. when I try to load it from
> pd running "pd -jack -lib Gem -path /home/audio/pd/pd-0.37-1test6/Gem/"

btw, you should first specify the path and then load the library...
(but this won't help you mutch with your problem)

> I read this message:
> /home/audio/pd/pd-0.37-1test6/Gem/Gem.pd_linux:
> /home/video/librerie/glut-3.7/lib/glut/libglut.so.3: undefined symbol:
> XGetExtensionVersion
> Gem: can't load library

hmm, never seen this.
you could try several things:
a) compile Gem without glut-support (you won't need it if you don't care 
about the teapot); just re-run configure with "--without-glut"

b) try to link against libXi (which provides the XGetExtensionVersion): 
just add "-lXi" to the linker-flags in the Gem/src/Gnu/Makefile

> What I have mistaken?
> I have installed correctly (I hope)
> gltt-2.5.2
> glut-3.7
> My linux box is  slack 9,1 - kernel 2,4,22 - XFree 4.3.0 - gcc 3.2.3

although i have no experience with slackware, everything else looks fine 
to me. (and i only have XFree


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