[PD] "line" question

Chris Madak cjm01 at hampshire.edu
Tue Feb 17 08:43:07 CET 2004


i ran into this rather confusing phenomenon while working on a patch 
today.  say i initialize a "line" object with creation arguments 0 and 
100.  if i send it a list, such as "1 5000," it ramps smoothly to one 
as expected.  however, it will not work a second time unless i edit the 
patch and change the second creation argument, for "time grain."
after i do this, "line" works one more time, then the time grain 
argument must be changed back or to something else.  i'm not at all 
sure why this is the case.  any advice?

if it helps, i'm using 0.37-1test6 under os x.


chris madak

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