[PD] position of an abstraction in a patch

Cyrille Henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Tue Feb 17 16:16:17 CET 2004

thanks for the reply,

It's not really what I wanted.

my nead is that the abstraction (or object) should know it's position 
even it it's moved with the mouse.

So, I would like to be able to create or move objects on the fly, and 
the object itself  has to know it's position on the patcher whatever the 
user is doing....

canvas offer this posibility :
a canvas will reply it's position to a  "get_pos" message.
I nead the same fonctionality for an object, abstraction or a graph...

is it possible or will it be possible?
(I would prefer not to learn python!)



IOhannes m zmoelnig wrote:

> Guillaume Boutard wrote:
>> Anyway if you create them on the
>> fly, that would be no use.
> but if you would create them on the fly, you would already know the 
> position
> mfg.a.sdr
> IOhannes
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