[PD] [PD][OT]M-Audio FireWire 410?

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Tue Feb 17 19:19:19 CET 2004

here is the thread:


its looking like there is a chance that the linux kernel might get 
patched to do the right thing and be more fault tolerant... but worst 
case senario it looks like there could be a kernel patch quattro users 
could apply themselves to get 2.6 working with. 



Frank Barknecht wrote:

>Rory Walsh hat gesagt: // Rory Walsh wrote:
>>So does that mean it wil never work again with newer
>>versions of Linux? 
>Hard to tell. Yesterday someone posted a patch to alsa-devel and
>linux-usb-devel, that modifies the USB system in the kernel in a way,
>that made the Quattro somehow work again. It's is questionable if this
>kind of patch will be included in the kernel tree, though. It could
>break several other things.

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