[PD] PDa and PDA audio

derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Wed Feb 18 01:10:21 CET 2004

Hi all,

Thanks again for all the great suggestions. Espc the link to the test of 
Ecasound compiled for PDA.

Marc Lavallée wrote:

> Unless the goal is to record short samples, the ramdisk would get full
> very quickly. A good solution would be to compress while recording at low
> sample rate (22050/mono), in order to write to a removable media. 

Actually, the goal *is* to record very short samples. Perhaps the best 
solution would be script the PDA to record samples with the max time 
allowed by the RAM disk, then transfer them to Flash when the recording 
is complete.

Unfortunately, what I aim to do involves binaural recording, so every 
little bit of psychoacoustic audio info is important! So heavy 
compression or mono sound is out-out-out. Maybe Lame with something like 
a VBR maxing at 192 would be OK, to extend the max recordable time in 
the RAM. Which of course leads me to think about how well Lame runs on a 
PDA, and whether it is efficient to encode directly before writing to RAM.

Just to be sure: in encoding, how big a block is written to RAM before 
compressing? Or rather, how much RAM would need to be free as overhead 
using this scheme? Perhaps this is configurable? I will check the Lame 
command-line arguments. Or am I making a wrong assumption about the 
encoding process?


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