[PD] [gem] pix_filmNEW troubles on win

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Feb 18 10:44:38 CET 2004


is it your mailer-app's setting that prevents line-breaks ?
would you consider changing this ?

carmen wrote:
> hi, i have not used GEM much, but recently a friend asked for
 > a recent windows binary as the one on the site was missing or old,
> so out of curiosity i built it v/ vs7.1 on windows 2003
> my basic observations are that GEM is using a hobbled together 
> collection of some old aVi reading library, and an equally crusty
> quicktime for windows SDK, in attempt to provide readability of a
> variety of formats.

well, the code (for reading AVIs) is really ancient.

> unfortunately C/c++ doesnt like me as much as python/perl/et al,
> but depending on your level of interest & skill you might want just
> wipe out the old avi & quicktime reading code entirely and start with
> a simple DirectShow-file input module. by doing so you would support every
> codec that is installed at a system level, and adding new codecs would just
> be a matter of installing them in windows and relaunching GEM. to learn how

so the big question is:
any volunteers ?


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