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Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 18 10:46:18 CET 2004

Mathieu Bouchard hat gesagt: // Mathieu Bouchard wrote:

> Which brings the question whether the segmentation should be automatic or
> manual. If it's manual, it has to be saveable, So I guess it would look
> like:
> #X connect 2 0 5 0 <x> <y>;
> or:
> #X connect 2 0 5 0 <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> ... <xn-1> <yn-1>;
> (for a n-segment line)
> or other similar schemes. OTOH I have a penchant towards automatic
> placement. My friend Xavier suggested what is IMHO the Right thing, that
> is, automatic placement is default, and then you can override with manual
> placement on a wire-by-wire basis. 

I'd prefer it the other way around and strongly would vote for manual
segmenting instead of automatic. No algorithm would be able to tell,
which patch cords *I* would like to be segmented, and which ones I
would like straight. Also I wonder: How would an algorithm look like
that deals with ambiguities created by segmenting? Would it just not
allow cords to run on top of each other? Running on top could be
cleaner in some cases, but it also would be hazardous for reading a
patch in a lot of other cases. 

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