about my chatpatch was: [PD] sending text

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 18 10:51:18 CET 2004

Anton Woldhek hat gesagt: // Anton Woldhek wrote:

> Hi Frank & the list,
> > > Ive actually made a PD/GrIPD chat client when i was bored at work a
> couple
> > > months ago,
> > I'd *love* to see this.
> I just got back to school, went and looked for it, unfortunatly, i couldnt
> find it anymore. Just some very early prototypes that only did the link
> between GriPD & PD.
> Basically what it did was the following: the textbox object in GriPD is
> excellent, cause you can use that as the part of the chat client that you
> type your message on.
> You then put into your pd path an [r keystroke] folowed by [unpack 0 0] and
> then [select 13]
> have that bang to a message {send} which connects to [s rtextbox0]
> This outputs the textbox0 contents. You can then just ahve a [r stextbox0]
> at the receiving end, and put that in a [s rtext0] so that GriPD displays
> that in a separate box. (also connect this to [print send:] so that you can
> review your previous messages.

I guess I probably misunderstood you: I thought you had created a Pd
interface to *IRC* chat, so that someone using Mirc, BitchX or
whatever chat client would be able to control Pd over an IRC chat

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