[PD] strange bug with keyname

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Feb 18 12:31:31 CET 2004


ok, I have added this one to the bug db, although it is apparently
a Tk bug, not a Pd one.  The relevant comment from Tk source
(tk8.4.4/win/tkWinKey.c) states that

	 * To distinguish between left and right, we have to query the
	 * state of one of the two to determine which was actually
	 * pressed.  So if the keycode indicates Control, Shift, or Menu
	 * (the key that everybody else calls Alt), do this extra test.
	 * If the right-side key was pressed, return the appropriate
	 * keycode.  Otherwise, we fall through and rely on the
	 * keymap table to hold the correct keysym value.

Seems like separately querying the state of a modifier does not
make sense for the key release -- it is false, because the key is
up already...


Cyrille Henry wrote:
> while pressing the right shift key, the object outputs the expected 
> result : "1" &  "shift_R".
> but when the key is up, the object outputs : "0" & "shift_L", which is 
> not the correct key.
> this occurs on win32, with pd 0.37.
> it does not occur on linux (0.37).

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