[PD] position of an abstraction in a patch

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Wed Feb 18 12:51:20 CET 2004


forcing a tot into spying on that would be extremely tricky, unless
there is a specialized functionality built into the poor thing.

I do not know yet how to design a generic feature, but, since it
really is quite a tot-like feature, esp. in a ``Pd for presentation''
context, have added a few dot-tilde patterns:  ".~tag", ".~owner",
and ".~root", which, at least, work for abstraction (or [pd]) boxes.
Just tested this:

query .~owner.c coords .~tag
tot .~owner.c itemconfig .~tagR -width 5 -fill red

will try to gather all the new toxy stuff for a release, soon...


Josh Steiner wrote:
> you can use toxy to listen to the editing messages to and keep track of 
> where objects you care about are.  not saying it would be easy, but 
> indeed it is possible.  -josh
> Cyrille Henry wrote:
>> my nead is that the abstraction (or object) should know it's position 
>> even it it's moved with the mouse.

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