[PD] Calling a function in a DLL from PD?

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Wed Feb 18 20:04:51 CET 2004

rr hat gesagt: // rr wrote:

> The microcontroller uses usb, and the dll has many nice functions that I
> would not want to have to write again.
> Anyone has an example of code calling a function in another dll in
> flext?

You can call the functions of this library like you would do with any
other library. A simple example is my fluid~ external, which #includes
fluidsynth.h and then just calles the functions defined there, like
the one which creates a fluid_synth instance. You will have to somehow
link the dll, but this is common C programming stuff. 

If it's USB, then maybe you could use some other object to talk to it.
I don't know any on Windows, but on Linux, the linuxevent objects work
just fine with USB-HID devices. 

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