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Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Wed Feb 18 20:17:21 CET 2004

did you follow the instructions in zexy's readme?

the zexy external

the zexy external is a collection of externals for miller.s.puckette's 
realtime-computermusic-environment called "puredata" (or abbreviated "pd")
this zexy external will be of no use, if you don't have a running 
version of pd on your system.
check out for http://iem.kug.ac.at/pd to learn more about pd and how to 
get it

note: the zexy external is published under the Gnu General Public 
License that is included (GnuGPL.txt). some parts of the code are taken 
directly from the pd source-code, they, of course, fall under the 
license pd is published under.

linux :
change to directory source
adapt the makefile to match your system (where is pd installed ?)
"make clean"
"make install"
this will install the zexy external into <mypdpath>/pd/externs
alternatively you can try "make everything"

win32 :
extract the zexy-0_x.zip to your pd-path (this file should be located at 
execute the "z_install.bat", this should copy all necessary files to the 
correct places
if you want to compile it for yourself, i don't take any warranties for 
the makefile.nt; use the workspace zexy.dsw instead

irix :
though i have physical access to both SGI's O2s and indys,  i haven't 
tried to compile the zexy externals there for years.
Good luck !

making pd run with the zexy external::
make sure, that pd will be looking at this location (add "-path 
<mypath>/pd/externs" either to your .pdrc or each time you execute pd)
make sure, that you somehow load the zexy external (either add "-lib 
zexy" (if you advised pd somehow to look at the correct place) or "-lib 
<myzexypath>/zexy" to your startup-script (.pdrc or whatever) or load it 
via the object "zexy" at runtime

this software is copyleft by iohannes m zmoelnig <zmoelnig at iem.kug.ac.at>
with some contributions by winfried ritsch, guenter geiger, 
miller.s.puckette and maybe some others

Adrian deCleir wrote:

>well first of all theres no c file for it, but to be honest I cant seem to
>get ones that are there working, I downloaded the zexy zip file, extracted
>it, even tried the "-lib zexy" flag, but it still doesnt seem to acknowledge
>the fact that makesymbol, etc exists
>please help I hate being a newbe  : (
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>what makes you think its not in the one you downloaded?  did you load 
>the whole zexy lib with a "-lib zexy" flag?
>Adrian deCleir wrote:
>>ok Ive downloaded the zexy library from 2 different sites, and both dont
>>have the list2symbol object in it, I'm positive it is a part of teh zexy
>>library,I've been searching everywhere for a means of getting that object
>>but I cant find it, was very surprised myself, dont suppose someone could
>>send on just that object?
>>ps I appreciate all the help ppl give here coz I feel like Im always asking
>>obvious sounding questions
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