[PD] PDa and PDA audio

martin pichlmair pi at attacksyour.net
Wed Feb 18 20:26:38 CET 2004


> Yes, that exactly what I had in mind, when saying that. I remember that
> I have written a small recording application once, but I just can't
> remember if it was able to record to flash.

as i am right now sitting here and having a linux ipaq w/ flash beside 
me and irec/iplay from guenter installed i just tried it. and it works. 
i'm having a cheap nearly noname flash card and i'm using the also 
cheap and nice pitech dual cf sleeve. the recording was clear and had 
no dropouts. ipaq is a compaq h3600 and i recorded 10 seconds.

esd also comes with recording facilities on the ipaq, btw. if someone 
needs a working copy of the esd core (without installing all of the gpe 
suite), he can just mail me. but alas there are some sample rate 
issues, so it works only partly (and since i only use parts of it this 
does not matter for me).

we are just having a kind of public beta test of an ipaq based piece 
here in oslo. more information at http://randomseed.org/sevenmileboots. 
it does not use pd/PDa, though.

so if someone is in oslo, just drop by at the kunstnernes hus.


>  No way to try now, because
> they have stolen my iPaq's from my checked in baggage (hijos de puta),
> when flying back from ICMC.
> Hope I get a new one soon.
>> I think they might say it is fast enough. But I haven't
>> dissected their recording app yet to see if it "swaps" between RAM and
>> Flash memory.
> hmm, maybe there are some tricks, but for the long run it has to work
> somehow.
>> In short, I think it is probably OK, now that I have thought it 
>> through
>> a bit...
> right,
> Guenter
>> best,
>> D.
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