[PD] in which context is GEM slow ?

julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net julien.breval at tremplin-utc.net
Thu Feb 19 02:43:23 CET 2004


I would like to use GEM for programming experimental user interfaces. The 
problem I have is that sometimes GEM works very well, whereas sometimes it's 
very slow.

For example, when I draw only 4 white mouse-movable squares over a black 
background, in a 300x300 window, the performances are good (in full screen 
too). But if I replace the background by a small PNG image (about 12 ko), GEM 
slows the program a lot (there are cuts in the audio stream). This happens 
under Windows XP with a recent computer and a usual graphic card. Is it normal ?

In which cases does GEM become slow like this ? Should I rather use GEM under 
Linux ? Or, maybe GEM is rather adapted to Open GL than image or video matrix 
processing ? 

Thanks for your help 


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