[PD] Getting linuxevent to work with a Contour ShuttleXpress

Hans-Christoph Steiner hans at eds.org
Thu Feb 19 06:26:30 CET 2004

If you cat the device (or better yet use evtest), do you see output?  I  
don't remember offhand what EV_RST was.  Which kernel version are you  

Its alpha code, so its very much in the "works for me" stage.  But I'd  
like to get it working well. Anyway, tomorrow I'll be looking at it.


On Friday, Feb 13, 2004, at 13:49 America/New_York, Frank Barknecht  

> Hallo,
> (sorry for crossposting, but this might be a Linux-using problem on my
> side.)
> I have a new toy (I couldn't resist, it's so cute): a Contour
> ShuttleXpress USB Jog/Shuttle control surface, info at
> http://contourdesign.com
> Now of course I'm trying to make use of it in Pd on Linux. It is
> recognized by the kernel as a HID device, and it is producing vrious
> characters when doing "cat /dev/input/event3"
> So I built Hans-Christoph's linuxevent from current pure-data.sf.net
> CVS, which turned up a first problem: EV_RST isn't defined, but used
> in linuxevent.c and linuxjoystick.c There is no EV_RST in
> /usr/include/linux/input.h I just commented the offending two lines,
> after that it builds and loads.
> Creating a [linuxevent /dev/input/event3] object shows this:
> #========
> Configuring Contour Design ShuttleXpress on /dev/input/event3
> Supported events:
>  Reset (type 0)
>     Event code 0 (Reset)
>     Event code 1 (Key)
>     Event code 2 (Relative)
>  Key (type 1)
>     Event code 256 (Btn0)
>     Event code 257 (Btn1)
>     Event code 258 (Btn2)
>     Event code 259 (Btn3)
>     Event code 260 (Btn4)
>     Event code 261 (Btn5)
>     Event code 262 (Btn6)
>     Event code 263 (Btn7)
>     Event code 264 (Btn8)
>     Event code 265 (Btn9)
>     Event code 266 (?)
>     Event code 267 (?)
>     Event code 268 (?)
>  Relative (type 2)
>     Event code 7 (Dial)
>     Event code 8 (Wheel)
> Using 2 relative axes, 0 absolute axes, and 13 buttons.
> #=======
> Actually the device only has five buttons, but probably it's the same
> as the ShuttlePRO by Contour internally, which has many buttons more.
> Now the problem is: I pressed "start" or "poll" in the help patch, but
> there is no movement in linuxevent's output. Also, but this probably
> is my fault, one of the ShuttleXpress buttons acts as a right mouse
> button, that is, it opens the context menu when in Pd, or the window
> manager's root menu, when focus is outside of Pd. I did remove all
> references to /dev/input from my XF86Config beforehand.
> Does anyone have an idea, why I cannot get the device to play nice
> with Pd??
> ciao
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