[PD] msvcrtd.dll and spatial audio external

Jeffrey Hildebrand jshildebrand at ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 19 11:00:25 CET 2004

i looked all over the pd list archives about a week ago and couldn't find
any responses to that thread. somebody must have replied directly to me.
anyway does anybody have the solution on what i need to do differently with
my VC++ compiling to avoid that error? if anybody wants to check out my
spatial audio stuff i'll have it only for a short time on my ftp. it's
windows only for now because i don't have a linux system at home.
eventually i'll write a very detailed description about how it works so
people can use my source code efficiently in their own apps. let me know if
the ftp doesn't work. 


port: 7000
user: pd
pass: space

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