[PD] gem/video

Malte Steiner steiner at block4.com
Fri Feb 20 17:51:02 CET 2004

Hello Achim,

I got success with a webcam under WinXP with pix_videoDS. It needs to 
recieve once a open 0 message and a toggle. After it I had to convert 
the results with pix_rgba for further processing.

[x] [open 0>
|  /
| /  [gemhead]
|/  /
[pix_videoDS 640 480]

hope it helps, I remember it took me long to figure out that simple 



PS: Achim, lösch bitte die 'handy' Adresse, da ich dort nicht mehr 
arbeite und das auch nicht nachgesendet bekomme.

Malte Steiner
media art + development

new piece on compilation Pero La Musica Continuara, available soon at 

Das Kombinat:
released the new musicvideo on art CDr magazine tinah #1 

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