[PD] strings and negative numbers ia OSC

enrike enrike at altern.org
Sat Feb 21 10:08:51 CET 2004

Hi again,

this wouldnt work of course, my problem is a bit different than i thought.

in my path I will have many similar objects, far more that 20 possibly. 
And the OSCroute object is limited to 20 addresses. So I use a normal 
route object to route the info to the objects.
I need to send several types of messages to that object. Lets think its 
a sample playr. When i play the sample i need to pass numbers like freq, 
voluume, etc... but at some other point i also need to pass the object 
the path to load the sample from the harddrive.

i am using the following structure for the OSC messages
/spin 1 100 100
meaning this
/adress identifier volume frequency

But at some other point i need to pass
/spin 1 "C:\mysound.wav"
/spin 1 "someothertag"

I attach an example of what i am doing.

suggestions are welcome.

>> try casting your string to symbol with the [symbol] object before the 
>> [select]
> I see. but the problem is that I am sending several types of messages
> under the same address like
> /spin 111 0 12
> /spin xxx
> /spin zzz
> maybe i should specify another address? like:
> /spin/xxx 1
> This way I might not need the select object but the OSCroute. Still
> trying to format my way of thinking into OSC ;-)

enrike ::
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