[PD] Re: [PD-announce] Newbie question re: pd and OSX setup

Anton Woldhek woldhek at xs4all.nl
Mon Feb 23 10:52:34 CET 2004

just forwaring this message, cause it seems more appropriate for the main
list then the anounce list.

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> This is a newbie question so please be patient with me.
> I have a Mac using OSX 10.3 and have a M-audio Ozone midi keyboard. I
> installed Adam Lindsay's "package" pd 0.36 installation and am having some
> problems. I searched the achive and noticed alot of people have similar
> problems, but I still don't know whats wrong with my setup.  When i launch
> pd I get the following:
> could not open midi input device number 1: Invalid device ID.
> using default input device number: -1
> using default output device number: -1
> nchan 2, flags 3, bufs 8, framesperbuf 256
> Error number -9997 occured opening portaudio stream
> Error message: Invalid device ID.
> When I open the "test audio and midi" patch  from the help menu it seems
> like no audio or midi messages are coming in or out. when I select the
> tone" from this patch sometimes there is a white noise type sound, but
> of the time nothing at all.
> so I typed in:
> pd -midiindev 1 -midioutdev 2
> still nothing. I also typed in:
> -soundindev  -soundoutdev
> nothing. What can I do to get it to work. How will I know when it's all
> connected correctly.  I would greatly appreciate any help anyone could
> offer. thanks
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